Dental Implants

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Dental Implants

Replacing missing teeth with dental implants provides patients with a healthy and comprehensive solution to their oral health issues. Undergoing this beneficial restorative treatment not only replaces the tooth from root to crown, it also helps the surrounding jaw tissue remain healthy enough to support a secure fit.

Dr. Tanya Wong and our compassionate team at Advanced Dental of Denville offer this complete tooth replacement service for our patients. We handle every aspect of treatment, all in one place, from the surgical placement of implants to affixing your prosthetic.

Treating Missing and Failing Teeth

Our practice aims to make the smile restoration process a comfortable and gratifying experience. We begin your care routine by conducting a thorough examination of your smile, and discuss our findings with you so we can create a treatment plan best suited to your needs and goals. If your dental complication involves significant decay, we make every effort to preserve the natural tooth with root canal therapy. If we can’t save the tooth, Dr. Wong may recommend dental implants as a replacement option. While there are several conventional tooth replacement methods, some of our patients don’t like how healthy tooth structure can be impacted so the removable prosthetic fits correctly. 

Our team doesn’t automatically offer implants to everyone. Before performing the procedure, we ensure you have sufficient jaw bone volume so the implant post can successfully fuse in a process called osseointegration. Once we determine you are an ideal candidate, Dr. Wong takes the time to educate you about the entire process.

Placing Your Dental Implant

Dr. Wong uses a gentle approach while performing the surgical aspect of dental implant treatment. Our office is equipped with the latest digital technology so we can capture precise imaging of the treatment area. Once the titanium implant post is guided into the correct position, we use resorbable sutures, take a post operation x-ray, and prescribe an antibiotic to encourage more efficient healing. A temporary prosthetic is provided until a permanent is ready to be added.

We submit detailed impressions to a trusted local lab so they can fabricate your prosthetic. Once the restoration is complete, Dr. Wong secures it to the implant. We verify you like the look and feel of the prosthetic before setting to help prevent future complications. 

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At Advanced Dental of Denville, Dr. Wong and our dedicated team provide restorative dentistry that is reliable and addresses all issues. If you would like to address missing teeth in your smile with dental implants, call our office today to set up an appointment. We proudly serve the communities of Denville, Mountain Lakes, and Parsippany.

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